Preserve of the Month

A monthly subscription to a new, limited edition flora & farmer product every month! We’ll mostly be featuring spreads, but there will be a couple pickled things thrown in the mix too.

How do I get my item?

You can come down to our storefront, Preserve, to pick it up or choose to have it delivered for an additional fee. We’ll give you 10% off any additional flora & farmer products when you come to pick it up, just for being such a gem!

What are my payment options?

You can pay via credit card on flora & farmers secure website!
***If credit card payment isn’t ideal for you, shoot us an email at and we can work out a payment via e-transfer.

Why should I subscribe?

  1. Because you’re a champion of supporting local!
  2. Subscription shares assist small food businesses with the high upfront costs of purchasing bulk quantities of supplies and help ensure economic viability.
  3. You’ll also be guaranteed a new flavour, made in limited quantities every month, with an additional 10% discount on all f&f products when you pick it up!
  4. Because it’s a great gift! Treat yo’self or a loved one. An exciting little monthly surprise and reminder that someone cares about them.
  5. Purchasing a share also allows you to ask questions and chat about any concerns if you choose to pick it up in store, increasing the community between you and your food producers. Plus, you might even get a peek into the production facility in action. Talk about transparency!

Available Plans

3 + 11 =