Our Products

While we love getting visitors into our own shop, with our complete listing of low sugar spreads, marmalades, pickles, and ferments, we also share a select line of flora & farmer spreads and our award-winning applekraut with other outstanding boutiques and grocers.  Please contact us if you would like to carry flora & farmer preserves on your store’s shelves.

Sweet Spreads

Low-sugar, fruit-forward spreads

Rather than using thickeners, we rely on temperature, patience and respect for our ingredients, reducing the fruit in our spreads down to an intensely fruity preserve with little added sweetener. 

Using less than 1/3 of sugar found in most commercial jams, we trust in the natural sweetness of the concentrated fruit for a luxurious spread, beautifully balanced with unexpected flavours.


We’re thrilled to be working with local spray-free, small farms for our pickles! 

These products are made in limited quantities with ultra-fresh produce from our Manitoba harvests in the heat of our short but hot summers.

While we love a good garlic dill, there’s so many more flavours to discover.  Bold bites inspired by cocktails and cuisines around the world, perfect for elevating your next charcuterie board or sandwich.

Fermented Foods

Ferments are fascinating!  We love that produce can be transformed into a delicious briny, and nutritious condiment using only a perfect alchemy of salt, temperature, and time. 

All of our ferments are raw, vegan, unpasteurized and alive!

Our sauerkrauts are wild fermented for a minimum of one month to allow the vegetables sugars to fully convert to lactic acid- preserving the produce and giving the helpful bacteria time to multiply and thrive.

From the first Manitoba crop in the summer to the final frost of the fall, we source local, spray-free cabbage whenever we can and only use mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt and Manitoba’s own award winning Jackson Springs water.

We don’t subject our cultured foods to any heat treatment to help them keep for extended times at room temperature- doing so would kill those friendly bacteria created in the fermentation process.  Please remember to store them in your fridge upon bringing them home.

From our award-winning Applekraut to our absolutely addictive fermented salsa, our fermented line satisfies healthy lifestyles with incredible flavour and versatility.

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